*Formerly Known as Catie Crochets

About Us (Well... Me. :-D )


Here is how it all started...

You want to know how it all started? Well, Here you go... You asked for it...

When I was little I would always go with my mom to craft shows, and would come up with 'something' to stick in her booth... She always supported me in my little endeavors, and always made a spot in her booth for my little things, No matter how *Cough* Cute? they were.

Somewhere in the middle of making lipgloss, ribbon belts, earrings, etc... I started playing with yarn & crocheting... I tried to make a scarf, but that didn't work out too well... They ARE supposed to be straight and even all the way up, right? Well, Mine started out pretty wide, then kept getting smaller and smaller, so I gave up!

A few years later, I picked my crochet hook back up, and found a Youtube video on how to make a hat. It worked! I made a bunch of hats, then started trying to make other things... My love for crocheting grew and grew! I would find patterns for new things, and try them. If I couldn't figure out the pattern, I would just do something that looked similar, and it just seemed to work! I rarely even use patterns anymore. I just do what feels/looks right!

Once I really got into crocheting, my mom started buying me these GORGEOUS Handspun yarns from sellers on Etsy... After using those yarns in my crocheting, and feeling how luxurious they were, I decided I wanted to make my own! On Christmas, I open up a present, and My mom had bought me a drop spindle kit! Oh.. I was so excited!

I was a little nervous about trying it, so it sat on my dresser for a while. I finally picked it up, found an informative Youtube video on how to use it, and went at it! I worked with that drop spindle for a while, then eventually bought a Spinning wheel. It is amazing what all you can do with those things!

My Love for spinning has grown tremendously... Spinning yarn is so soothing, and you can do whatever you want... Chunky, Smooth, Thick, Thin, All Natural, Dyed Crazy colors, Sparkly! Art yarns are my favorite.... Throw a little of this in, and a little of that... Make it super chunky, then super thin.... Add some Angelinafor some sparkle, then PLY it! Why not?

I can already tell that my love for spinning and crocheting is going to grow even more... I can't wait!